Value Management

Make security a business differentiator

Many organizations regard security as a business cost, not as a business differentiator. Yet security is critical to business success; customers are increasingly demanding that providers demonstrate their security competence, and governments around the world are mandating compliance with security standards in their supply chain. A security program that is aligned with business objectives and that can communicate its business value to the C-Suite and Board will attract better funding and will become an embedded part of the business, which in turn will drive security awareness and higher levels of security. But this requires security professionals to talk business, not technology, and to align security objectives clearly and understandably with business requirements.

CGS™ aligns business and security so that the impact of security issues on the business is fully understood. Business priorities can be used to drive security priorities and risk management decisions, while a holistic and transparent approach to security can give confidence to stakeholders, clients and customers whose investments, reputations and data are linked inextricably to your business. Creating a holistic security strategy can turn the business cost of security into a business enabler.

Improving the alignment between security operations and business objectives is also an important measure for strengthening enterprise security.

Cisco Annual Security Report 2014