Resource Allocation

For want of a nail…

Resources are valuable. They are also often in short supply. We hear this challenge all the time across multiple clients. Sometimes it is hard to decide where to put limited resources for best effect. Often the smallest resource can make the biggest difference, if only it were put in the right place. How do you know where to put your resources? What resource allocation can you recommend to drive the greatest improvement in security?

Whether you are a Board member or C-Suite Exec making strategic investment decisions; a CISO rebalancing resources to achieve a goal; or a security team manager directing daily priorities, CGS provides clarity.

  • What are the priorities?
  • What is the predicted impact on allocating resources here or there?

Using predictive analytics and cause and effect linkages, CGS helps managers identify where resources will make a difference and how changes will generate what level of impact.

The challenge of budget constraints ranks at the top of the list at every level of maturity.

Cisco 2016 Annual Security Report