Program Execution

Insight to action in minutes not months

Imagine looking into your security program, being able to see that everything is aligned with your strategy, and knowing that you have the insights and knowledge to control the direction you are going, even when you find that you are off track. And imagine being able to gain strategic insights and translating them into action in minutes, not months. Impossible? It's not.

CGS™ provides a single view for executives and managers to see their organization's security posture holistically and act on the things that will drive the greatest improvements. Managers can assess security posture from different perspectives and, in a few clicks, identify areas of strategic importance, then drill down to see exactly what the problem is - who is responsible and what must be done. Once they've directed staff to take mitigation actions, they can observe the work being done to ensure it's carried out effectively. After all, if everyone can see the problem but no one is doing anything about it?