Oversight of Outsourced Security Operations

Transparent is the new black

Security is too important to leave to someone else. If you outsource security as part of your managed IT services contract, you can't just blindly trust that you're safe. Decades of outsourcing experience have taught us that the idea of 'black box' contracting yields inconsistent results, especially if not properly policed by the customer. The problem is in the way that the contracts are written and the lack of transparency. From a security perspective, this spells trouble.

If you are paying your outsourced IT provider to deliver security, how do you know what security level they are really achieving? How likely is your IT provider to tell you if it is not what it should be? Do they even know themselves? And what if part of the problem is the communication and collaboration between your team and theirs?

CGS™ creates a uniquely transparent and collaborative solution that unites client and contractors around a common set of goals, with clarity around whether or not client objectives are being delivered, who must do what, what issues need collaboration to resolve, and whether or not client objectives are being delivered. It uses a consistent and shared performance framework to specify, implement and manage bi-directional Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Operational Level Agreements (OLAs). CGS™ can help both parties achieve more with less, while leaving the client, not the contractor, in control. It can even help you specify what service levels, management information and data you need from the contractor when it comes time for contract renewal. Let CGS™ help you shine a light into the black box of contracting; you might be surprised what you find.