Navigating the Security Landscape

Successful journeys start with a map

CGS™ creates a clear map of where you are from a security perspective, and a clear plan of how to get to where you need to go. When new information necessitates a course change, it gives you the ability to continually adjust track as the changing cyber landscape unfolds.

Security personnel at all levels can share a common understanding of current security posture, and see what direction they need to go in as a team. For the enterprise to navigate towards its goal, everyone on the team has to be on the same map.

The unique CGS™ maps continually update to reflect changing security boundaries.  They are built by consensus so that they are clear to everyone, making sure that the whole team understands the journey. Different scale maps, presented through individualized navigation cockpits, provide users with the information they need for their part of the journey, whether it is a Board executive’s high level view of progress against strategic milestones, or an analyst with a more detailed map of tactical objectives to make adjustments to track.