About PerCredo

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PerCredo is a cybersecurity technology solutions provider that adds value by helping clients design and orchestrate their cyber security program. Our holistic approach builds a forward-looking solution. By leveraging legacy investments and integrating each enterprise’s people, processes and technologies, we enable them to proactively prevent security breaches instead of managing damage control.

Management Team


Skip Muller

Co-Founder & CEO

Skip Muller is Co-Founder and CEO of PerCredo.

It is hard to pinpoint the moment when Skip’s lifelong desire to be an entrepreneur took root, but it is surely related to his early success in the US Navy at capitalizing on opportunities that others have missed. Having grown up during the Cold War days of military build-up against the Soviet Union, Skip seized an obvious opening: he enlisted in the Navy and was trained to be a Russian crypto-linguist, and at the age of 20 unexpectedly found himself recruited last-minute to translate for General Colin Powell at a summit meeting with his USSR counterpart. Unraveling complex coded messages in a foreign language was the perfect training for Skip’s subsequent career path, which included interpreting opaque FDA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. Later, his gift for understanding nuance in language continued to serve him well by equipping him with exactly the right skills to interpret contract documents during his time leading software projects for large Pharma companies and the US Navy, while pursuing his other passion for writing screenplays and immersing himself in the art and theater scene. But all of this was really just a cover for his main passion: people. Whether it is in business, on the charity circuit, or on the social scene, Skip rarely enters a room without knowing someone, and rarely leaves without connecting others. Which is why cyber security is so interesting to him. After all, it’s really all about people: people on one side of the wall trying to capture valuable information from people on the other side. The trick, he notes, is for the good guys to be more fluent in the nuances of the language of cyber than the bad guys.


Philip Breddy

Co-Founder & CIO

Philip Breddy is Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of PerCredo

Ever since childhood, Phil has been fascinated with how complex things work. This might explain why he ended up as a helicopter pilot in the Royal Air Force flying the CH-47, a testament to complex engineering triumphing over the laws of nature, and possibly the most unlikely thing ever to get airborne (especially with Phil at the controls). This experience cemented his passion for understanding how all of the moving pieces and parts in a system must orchestrate perfectly to achieve the mission. His experiences in the military also ignited his passion for strategy, which came from the realization that winning the war wasn’t just about the machines working, but about the larger system of men, machines and mission somehow coming together to achieve a common goal. This unusual background in systems and strategy, combined with a degree in Zoology (admittedly an odd choice for a future military aviator, but one that gave him a lifelong respect for the need for even well-designed systems to evolve in order to remain successful) led to a career as a strategist and solutions architect after leaving the military. After focusing on complex solutions in logistics, transport, defense and technology in Europe and the US for over a decade, he almost inevitably ended up in the world of cyber security, perhaps one of the most important systems engineering challenges of all, where orchestrating the many pieces and parts isn’t about winning the battle, it is about winning the war.


Chad Fulgham

Co-Founder & Board Member

Chad Fulgham is Co-Founder & Board Member of PerCredo.

Chad has always liked to make things run. Better, faster and cheaper. Whether it is making the fastest go kart for his kids, or driving major technology programs to delivery, it is all about getting it done. He cut his teeth during his service in the US Navy, at a time when Y2K was the looming threat of the day. Chad fretted about the possibility of the Y2K problem being real because it would mean that on the stroke of midnight, on December 31st 1999, things might stop running. This, of course, was unacceptable. So he fixed everything just in case. This was excellent practice for life outside the Navy, where he joined the commercial world, starting in IBM and eventually ending up in the banking industry on Wall Street. Here, while the banks were failing, the IT systems under Chad’s watchful eye were not only running, they were at the cutting edge of innovation and saving money. No wonder, then, that he was recruited to be the CIO of the FBI, which was struggling with its own things that were not running like they should, but still costing a lot of money. To Chad, this was just another example of stuff needing fixing, which he planned to do with a blend of making sure there was accountability, supported by the right system design and processes. It worked. Today, thanks to Sentinel, FBI agents around the world stand a better chance of having the right case management information to do their job, because Chad fixed it. Now he is on to the next task: fixing the broken cyber security strategies that are commonplace among most organizations. Making cyber security better, faster and cheaper.